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ML220R / 

The ML220R is a split "high level" lifter, which means that you can continue emptying bins whilst the truck is compacting. The ML220R or "Rocker lifter" is the first demountable lifter pair, where the frame and lifting mechanism are combined in one unit. This reduces the weight, costs, installation time, and makes for a more robust lifter.


  • EXECELLENT for 240l bins and winched skips

  • It achieves cycle times of 7 to 8 seconds with bins weighing up to 150kg.

  • Empty over 1200 bins per 8-hour shift

  • Split comb configuration, allow for two operators

  • It can easily be fitted or removed, this in turn means reduced downtime and greater flexibility.

  • A single rotary actuator drives each lifter 

Each lifter is driven by a single rotary actuator and housed in its own carrier frame, this means that they are interchangeable (left or right side), easily removed for servicing and the truck can even continue working with a single lifter.


A winch overload protection clutch allows you to use the trucks roof winch to raise and lower the lifter without the risk of bending the lifters frame. 

No tools are required to remove or re-fit the lifter and because of the unique rocker design, once the lifter is on the ground, it can easily be moved and manipulated by a single operator. This makes servicing skips a pleasure and means that the lifter is easily interchangeable.

Locally designed and manufactured in South Africa.
European and DIN Bin Standards Compliant.


  • Demountable

  • No tools required for removal / refitting

  • Slip Release Mechanism prevents frame damage

  • Light Weight

  • Suitable for High Level Lifters

  • Maintenance Free Bearings

  • No Flexible Hoses (all zinc-plated steel pipes)

  • No Exposed Cylinder Rods

  • Exceptional Ground Clearance


Bin Type
1 x 240 litre per lifter (two per machine)
Cycle Times
7 - 8 seconds
Hydraulic Flow
18 litre per minute for 8 seconds cycle time
Hydraulic Pressure
130 bar (relief valve set at 150 bar)
Lifter Type
High Level Lifter
Lifting Capacity
2 x 150 kg (adjustable limit)(exceeds bin rating by 50 %)
Noise Level
< 72 dBA
Tipping Angle
55 degrees
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