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The ML 325R is a demountable single comb, high level lifter capable of handling virtually all DIN/MGB bins, right from the 120 litre bin to the 1100 litre bin. It can also be fitted with trunnion lift arms and an adjustable lid opener for the larger "Spriko" bins.



  • GOOD for 240l bins, BEST for 660l, 700l and 1100l bins, EXCELLENT for winch skips.

  • It achieves cycle times of 12 seconds with bins weighing up to 700kg.

  • Single comb configuration, allow for one operator

  • The patented "Rocker" demountable technology enables you to remove the lifter within minutes and use the truck for skips or bag loading.


  • Demountable, single comb lifter

  • Emptying all the different types of DIN/MGB bins

  • Low Maintenance Bearings

  • No Moving Flexible Hoses

  • No Exposed Cylinder Rods

  • Ample Ground Clearance

  • Quick and Easy Maintenance and Repairs

Mechlift ML325R Bin Lift Right View


Mechlift ML325R Lifter Specifications
Bin Type
240 to 770 litre (standard model) / 240 to 1100 litre (model with klaparm kit)
Cycle Times
12 seconds
Hydraulic Flow
32 litres per minute
Hydraulic Pressure
Lifter Type
High Level Lifter
Lifting Capacity
700 kg
Noise Level
< 72 dBA
Tipping Angle
45 - 55 degrees

Note: Klaparm kit, this can be fitted when collecting the larger type bins i.e. Spriko bins and 1100 litre bins, with the dome shaped lid.

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