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The ML450 is based on our ever-popular ML150 lifter. The ML450 is a versatile low level lifter allowing the use of black bags as well as 240l, 660l, 700, and 1100l bins.



  • BEST for bags, 240l, 660l, 700l and 1100l bins.

  • It achieves cycle times of 8 seconds with bins weighing up to 400kg.

  • Wide Single comb configuration, allow for one operator

  • Higher ground clearance.

  • Height Adjustable - The operators pre-select the height either for the lower 2-wheel bins, or the taller 4-wheel bins.

  • A single rotary actuator drives the wide lifter, this provides a smooth bin emptying cycle. Stubborn refuse is normally ejected on the first attempt due to the tipping angle of 45 º


The uniquely smooth motion and gentle clamping action, patented and proven with the ML150 over the last 12 years, has been incorporated into the ML450.


  • Suitable for 240L , 660L and 770L Bins

  • Low Cost, Rugged, Simple

  • Low Level Lifter

  • Robust Design

  • Light Weight

  • Quick and Easy Maintenance and Repairs


Bin Type
2 x 240 Litre or 1 x 500-1100 Liter
Cycle Times
8 seconds (nub,)
Hydraulic Flow
18 liter/min max. (for 8 sec. cycle time)
Hydraulic Pressure
200 bar
Lifter Type
Low Level Lifter (Height Adjustable)
Lifting Capacity
400 kg
Noise Level
< 72 dBA
Tipping Angle
45 degrees
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