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About Us

Since 1991, Mechlift has been producing bin lifting machines well known for their economy, performance, durability and back-up support.

Mechlift is the largest manufacturer of bin lifters in Africa. We offer a wide range of models adapted for your needs, view our products. Our lifters are gentle on the bins, have high ground clearance and approved by bin manufacturers.

Mechlift spares and comprehensive back up service are always readily available for our locally designed and manufactured lifters. If the lifter is damaged, modules can be quickly replaced, even in the field in most cases. Keeping the truck out of the workshop is one of our highest design priorities. All Mechlift lifters are safe, sturdy, and built to last.

Mechlift Employees

How we became Industry Leaders

Embracing a legacy that spans over three decades, Mechlift has solidified its position as the industry leader in bin lifters. Our ascent to industry leadership is rooted in a relentless pursuit of quality. 

As the largest manufacturer of bin lifters in South Africa, Mechlift's journey to industry supremacy is evident in our commitment to innovation and customer-centric designs. Our wide range of models, adeptly adapted to meet diverse needs, showcases our dedication to providing tailored solutions. A pivotal factor in our leadership journey is our foresight in addressing potential challenges. 


  • Mechlift lifters, with their elevated ground clearance, effectively mitigate collision risks at landfills and pavements. 

  • Our focus on modular design allows for quick in-field replacements, minimizing downtime and prioritizing operational efficiency. 

  • All our lifters utilize reliable rotary actuators, ensuring a smooth and efficient lift and top cycle with minimal hydraulic power requirements. 

  • Mechlift lifters stand out for their gentle treatment of bins, which is pivotal in protecting the substantial investment made in bins. 

  • The hallmark of Mechlift's rise to industry prominence lies in our unwavering dedication to quality. Mechlift lifters epitomize safety, sturdiness and longevity, making us the trusted choice for those seeking robust bin lifting solutions.

Our Mission

At Mechlift, our mission is to lead the industry in bin lifting solutions. We deliver cutting-edge, customer-centric machines that are economically efficient and durable. Committed to protecting your bin investments, we prioritize quality, reliability, and comprehensive customer support. 

Mechlift: redefining excellence in bin lifting technology

Our Values and Principles

At Mechlift, we embrace the following values and principles, which enables us to work productively, effectively and efficiently as a team to succeed in our collaborated mission to provide excellent products and services.

Our Principles and Values: 

  • Fostering a teamwork and collaboration environment

  • Providing excellent craftsmanship and service

  • Creating diversity in the workplace

  • Honesty and Integrity 

  • Training and upskilling environment

  • Commitment to customers and continuous improvement

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