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The ML 220 is a high-level lifter that achieves high productivity with little stress, noise, mass and maintenance - at an affordable price. It is by far the most popular lifter in our range. A patented rotary lift action is highly efficient and uses little power from the vehicle's engine.


  • EXECELLENT for the 240 litre bin.

  • It achieves 7 to 8 seconds cycle times with 150kg bins

  • Empties over 1200 bins per 8-hour shift.

  • Split comb configuration, allowing for two operators.

  • A single rotary actuator drives each lifter.

  • Suitable for single rear axle vehicles.

  • All bearings are maintenance free and no flexible hoses or hydraulic cylinders with exposed rods are used.

  • Modularity and simplicity design and the very high ground clearance reduces repair time and costs.

  • The high performance is achieved by the "high-level" lifting action where the tipped bin is above the compactor mechanism, allowing simultaneous bin emptying and compaction.

Each lifter is driven by a single rotary actuator and housed in its own carrier frame, this means that they are interchangeable (left or right side), easily removed for servicing and the truck can even continue working with a single lifter.

Locally designed and manufactured in South Africa

European and DIN Bin Standards Compliant.


  • Minimal Operational Costs

  • High Ground Clearance = Minimal Repairs

  • High Efficient Patented Rotary Lift Action

  • Smooth Bin Emptying Cycle

  • Tipping Angle of 55 degree

  • Suitable for High Level Lifters and Single Rear Axle Vehicles

  • Sturdy and Rigid


Bin Type
2 x 240 litre per lifter
Cycle Times
7 - 8 seconds
Hydraulic Flow
18 litre per minute for 8 seconds cycle time
Hydraulic Pressure
130 bar (relief valve set at 150 bar)
Lifter Type
High Level Lifter
Lifting Capacity
2 x 150 kg (adjustable limit) (exceeds bin rating by 50 %)
Noise Level
< 72 dBA
Tipping Angle
55 degrees
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