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OEM Services

Whilst Mechlift is primarily a total system and after-sales support supplier in Southern Africa, we do offer a technology support, and sub-system supply, outside of this traditional market.

Our long experience in harsh "developing country" conditions and our association with Europe's leading lifter supplier have led to machines that give top class performance and durability.

We can offer OEM services at three levels:

Mechlift Employee handling Equipment

Our Mission

At Mechlift, our mission is to lead the industry in bin lifting solutions. We deliver cutting-edge, customer-centric machines that are economically efficient and durable. Committed to protecting your bin investments, we prioritize quality, reliability, and comprehensive customer support. 

Mechlift: redefining excellence in bin lifting technology

Mechlift Employee Working

Hardware Service

We are the original equipment manufacturer of our products. Most of our equipment is modular, and a particular module or subsystem can be used in more than one product line.

We provide OEM services such as:

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Equipment Repairs

  • Parts Supplier

We use our own highly-qualified and trained technicians for preventative maintenance and repairs.

Information Service

Our manufacturing processes are well documented in English, using the standard software of AutoCAD (2D only), Excel & Word.

We use the metric system of measurements. In the few foreign countries that our data and documentation is already used, there have been few misunderstandings.


Our technologies are suitable for countries on a par with South Africa's industrial and labour base. We do consider requests to manufacture our products under licence in countries where we are not strongly represented at present.

Mechlift Team
RAMM Technologies Data Analytics

Solid Waste Management

Mechlift has partnered with RAMM Technologies to provide a Solid Waste Collection Management solution. RAMM Technologies integrates its technologies onto Mechlifts' lifters to generate data in real-time. 

The RAMM LiftLogger is a compact, easily installed, rugged and reliable monitoring device. It instantly logs and reports the time and place of bin lifts, and more. . .


  • Bin Asset Register & Monitoring

  • ​Improving Service Delivery

  • ​Increase in Revenue

  • ​Improving Operational Efficiencies & Visibility

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